The hallmark of the Center for Working Families (also known as Financial Opportunity Center - FOC) model is its integration or "bundling" of services which address three core areas:


  • Employment Placement and Career Improvement

  • Financial Counseling and Coaching

  • Income Support Access



This approach, known as integrated service delivery (ISD), addresses the multiple needs of low - and moderate income families and individuals living in financially precarious situations.


ISD, implemented nationally, is a new way for agencies to conceptualize and approach their work. A key principle about ISD - it is not a separate program started by an organization, neither are they brand new organizations or service centers started from scratch. ISD is a new way of doing business for organizations already in operation. As such, the model is deployed within the existing infrastructure of established, community based organizations that have a track record of providing Employment Placement and Career Improvement or Financial Counseling and Coaching -- and, in the case of most sites, a multitude of other social, financial or educational services.


The Greater Detroit Centers for Working Families sites focus on the financial bottom line for low-to-moderate income individuals and families.  This means changing people's financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses and acquiring assets.


In 2013, a core group of national foundations and nonprofits formed the Working Families Success Network (WFSN), the next stage of the work to build a coalition of organizations dedicated to integrated service delivery. The Network is made up of national, state and local foundations, businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Click Here to Learn More.