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CWF Integrated Services Helps Operation Able Client Buy Her First Home!

Etta Fairchild came to Operation ABLE in the Fall of 2017 to enroll in culinary arts occupational training. She was a very enthusiastic student who not only attended all of her classes but whenever she could, she spent extra time in the kitchen to lean more from the chef instructors.


Upon completion (with industry-recognized credential) in winter of 2018, she got a job at a local restaurant. Later that spring, she moved into a manufacturing job where the pay and hours were better for her. She has remained in that position since 2018 and has had a promotion. From the beginning, Etta has been meeting with her financial coach at Operation Able. Her goal in going back to work was to straighten out her finances and improve her credit, with the long-rage goal of buying a home for herself and her adult son. She has worked on her finances and credit, cleared up some of her debt, and established savings. In 2022, Etta was referred to a home buying program, and was just able

Etta Fairchild in fron of recnetly purchased home.jpg

to purchase her home! Etta is an example of someone having a goal, and working toward it realistically and achieving her dream. Etta’s long-term engagement with financial and workforce coaches and income supports staff at Operation Able helped her succeed and achieve her goal and shows the power of the CWF model!

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